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To administer your web page , we can use the visitor's computer IP addresses. IP address can be used to identify a visitor, and the collection of demographic information.

The site located in orders and registration forms, visitors are asked to provide personal information ( your name, phone number, e-mail . Mailing address , etc.) These data are used in your orders or inquiries , as well as contact you if you are serving UAB Sportnetas employees have any questions .

The client queries the time of purchase , or the email address or phone number that is automatically accepts free to contact us to get information from the company " Sportnetas ( otherwise we can not respond to a query or fulfill the order) .

We undertake not to disclose customers' personal information to third parties. This commitment is not LR legislation in the cases .

We have the right to partially or completely replace the terms of this privacy notice UAB Sportnetas website. If these conditions change and you continue to use the e-mail . shops, consider joining the conditions change .